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What is Money?

The purpose of Money

Once upon a time, as early humans, we would barter with each other by exchanging something that we had that someone else wanted, for something that they had that we wanted.

The important aspect of this interaction was that we both saw and agreed upon the value of these items in order to agree on a fair exchange.

Following that, humans replaced the exchange of one item or thing for another for objects (probably starting as rocks or stones) intended to represent the value of the items they wanted to exchange. This was an early form of money.

It was only much later that modern humans as we know ourselves developed the monetary system that we work with today. Even since the start of the paper and coin based monetary system, this system has evolved and changed over time. Consider now how often you use paper and coin based money vs transacting digitally.

What is Money for?

We use money to pay for goods and services. We use money as a way to distribute resources (land, water, food etc). We use money to express value of something or some service.

Therefore, we could say that Money and the exchange of it is a form of energy exchange. Buying or selling something using money is a way to acknowledge the effort or energy put into creating that thing or service.

However, somewhere along the way we started to associate money with success and happiness. We allowed ourselves to make money mean something more to us. We made money mean something about ourselves.

What is Money really?

Money is simply a tool used to represent the value of something or some service. That’s it.

And yet, mastering money and not getting stuck in the meaning we’ve made of it, isn’t easy. That’s why we at My Journey 2 Freedom exist. To help you shift the way you think about and experience money so that you can master it intentionally leaving you feeling confident, on purpose and in control of it, and your Life as a result.

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