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Visioning My Future

When you started this course you had already decided that you wanted a change. You felt that something wasn’t what you want it to be, and you believed that through the support of this course and your commitment to it, you would be able to make a change.

You’ve thought a little about yourself and who you will be when you’re Financially Free and you’ve written yourself a letter. You’ve also reflected on where you’re starting now so that you have a record of your starting point and can measure your progress along the journey.

Now, it’s time to think a little more about your vision for your Life ahead.

Life Vision

What do you dream of? When you close your eyes and think about the ideal Life, what does it look like to you? Who is around you? Where are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? What do you taste and hear and smell?

Take a moment to pause and think about one year from now. What is the greatest thing you could have achieved by then? Picture it happening. Picture yourself in that moment. Feel it.

When you’re ready, “Mark Complete” to move on to “Goals & Setting Goals” where we’ll explore how to break down your vision into goals or outcomes for this journey and your Life.