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The Seven Steps to Money Mastery

You’ve joined the Women’s Wealth & Wellbeing Community and are taking this course because you want to master money and build the life you dream of right?

Money Mastery is really not complicated, but it’s also not easy. If it was, you’d already be doing it!

We’ve drilled it down to seven steps. They work in order, and the key is to follow them all and keep repeating them again and again.

Mastering My Money – The Seven Steps

  1. Create A Spending Plan
  2. Choose a Debt Management Strategy
  3. Create your Wealth
  4. Protect your Wealth
  5. Create Support & Accountability Structures
  6. Take Action & Make better Choices
  7. Reflect on the Journey, Review your Progress and Renew your Commitment to yourself

Through the journey of this course we shall take you through each step sequentially. We will explore the theory and “why” behind each step as well as give you the opportunity to take that practical step through assignments and exercises so that by the end of both courses, you will have worked through each of the seven steps and be well on your way to mastering your money!

The next Lesson will help you assess where you’re starting now so that you create a check-point from which to measure your progress moving forward.

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