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Have you ever regretted something? Wished that things had turned out differently, or that you could go back in time and re-do something? Perhaps you long for a time in your past where Life was a certain way.

We all have something that we might do-over if given the chance. What would you like to do-over? Is it really too late to do something?

Yes, there are things we cannot change. People who may no longer be with us. Events that have passed. Opportunities that we didn’t take. Moments that ended. Yet there is still so much that we can change. We can change the direction we’re heading in as a result of the choices we wish we could change in the past, by making different choices now. In this way there is so much we can do to change the ending to our story.

And that’s what we would like to encourage you to consider. Perhaps you can’t change the past. Perhaps you made some money decisions that you regret. That’s ok. You can make new choices now.

And if you’ve already done the work to make meaning of what has happened so you now don’t regret a thing, and wouldn’t change the past even if you could- then high five! You’re well on your way already.

You have a choice

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in now, you have choices. Getting stuck in regret or wishing something could have been different is allowing the past to keep you stuck. You are not your past bad decisions around money. You have the power to make good decisions with your money today, and moving forward.

Just by signing up to this Community and having started this course you’ve chosen to commit to yourself and to write a new chapter and change the ending to the storyline you’ve written thus far. Well done!

Give yourself a big high-five and when you’re ready, click on the “Reality Check-In” Assignment below.