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Finding Financial Freedom

Do we really “find” financial freedom?

We’d like to challenge the idea that we “FIND” Financial Freedom. The idea that it’s something that we find implies a few interesting things…

  • Did we have it and now it’s lost?
  • Or is it something we stumble into?

The act of “find” can also imply passivity.

Or that being active means to “search” for it, again reinforcing that it’s something we once had and have lost or that it’s elusive and hard to find.

Creating financial freedom

We’d therefore like to propose that instead of thinking about financial freedom being something we find, we shift our thinking to defining it as something that we CREATE. It’s a choice. It involves intention followed through with action.

And we believe that in order to create financial freedom you need to change your to approach money. Specifically in three areas:

  • Approaching your money with mindfulness and intention.
  • Getting curious about how you think, feel and act in relationship to money.
  • Using your increased awareness to take action.

This programme and everything about it has been created to take you on the journey of exploring and mastering all three of those areas.

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