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Being Human & Making Meaning

As humans, we’re really good at making meaning of the thoughts, feelings and experiences we have in our lives. This helps us to make sense of our world and feel good about our choices and experiences.

Meaning Making Machines

Making meaning is automatic and unconscious, it happens whether we choose to do it or not. You could call us Meaning Making Machines as we rely on this automatic process of thinking to just happen. However, we can make meaning of things in a negative, unhelpful way. We could make meaning that “Life happens to me” or “I have bad luck” or “It’s not fair”.

We can shift our automatic way of making meaning from unconscious to conscious by choosing to reflect and make helpful meaning of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. We’ll explore more about this in later modules.

For now, it’s important to consider that you’re making meaning of things all the time, without even realising it.

You’ve also made money mean something to you! Often our meaning of money has been influenced by the adults who were in our lives when we were children. You might have grown up hearing things like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “Rich people are mean” or “You have to work hard to make money”.

Pause for a moment to reflect on the meaning you have made of money. Is this meaning helpful? Or not?

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