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Helping you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to go through our flagship Journey 2 Freedom Experience.

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My Journey 2 Freedom Experience


We believe that we can offer you the best value and experience by getting to know you first and helping you explore, plan and strategize your money and your Life, before we give advice on what solutions and financial products you may need to help you implement your strategy. 

We have therefore split our service offering up into three steps. They work sequentially and enable us to provide you with the neutral, solutions-agnostic and bespoke experience that will result in helping you shift from overwhelmed to confident, on purpose and in control of your money and your Life.



We clarify where you are right now, where you want to get to and then we map out where your current choices are taking you so that you can see what needs to shift and whether you’re on track to creating the life you want to live. As part of this step we look at your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits where money is concerned. Do you have a healthy money mindset and habits? We also explore your values and what is important to you.

The result is a documented 1-Page Financial Decision-Making Plan as well as a Lifestyle Financial Strategy that clearly illustrates your vision, choices considered as well as actions to be taken and implemented to move your life from where you are now to where you want to be.

What we will do
A Coached process that helps you define your financial and life goals and vision. Who are you? What are you about? This provides us with your “why” and “for what” and shows us the direction we’re heading.
A detailed analysis of your current and likely future income and expenditure. This provides us with the information needed to prioritise what needs to be looked at and mapped out.

Technology driven cash-flow forecasting to create possible future scenarios. This provides us with the information to reveal to you the trade-offs that you face on your journey.

These reports provide insight into understanding your world view as well as psychological relationship to money and the impact of this on your experience of and behaviour with money.

Research pertaining to tax and existing product specific information, including collaboration with your existing Tax & Accounting Professionals if required.

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How we will do it:
Six sessions of up to 120mins each on the following topics:

Who are you? We explore and make note of your journey thus far and set Goals and expectations for our relationship as the foundation for the journey ahead.

Where attention goes, energy (and money) flows. Where do I flow? Income and expenses, assets and liabilities analysis and start looking at cash-flow planning. We will explore assumptions and what is in your circle of control.

What is my default perspective? Where does it serve me? Where does it not? Exploring Personality & Money EQ profiles. If couple, understanding each other. Similarities and differences. Challenges and strengths.

Values, purpose, mission and vision. The “Why” of your money. The Life we want to Live. We’ll work through a values, purpose and goals identifying process. We’ll revisit your journey goals and intentions set as well as theme name.

What kind of Life am I creating? What kind of Life do I want to Live? Generate lifetime cash flow scenario forecasts, sprint planning, look at trade-offs.

What can I do to make my money better serve me? Making commitments to immediate actions and clarifying moving parts to come back to at a future date.

How much it will cost:

Our fee for Step 1 ranges between R15,000 and R30,000 in total depending on whether individual / couple and employed / self-employed. We offer payment options of once-off payment upfront in full, 50% upfront payment with balance payable in agreed instalments or payment of the total divided into six and paid per session, billed monthly.

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With your Lifestyle Financial Strategy now clear we are able to propose structural and financial product solutions, if needed, that will support your strategy and take you to where you want to go. We have access to a variety of tools and options from many different financial product providers so we can offer you what is best for you!

The result is a documented Solutions Analysis and Advice Record concerning the solutions that will assist you to implement your Lifestyle Financial Strategy and support your journey towards reaching your goals. 

What we will do

Analysing existing structures and financial solutions to provide information to advise on their suitability to support your Lifestyle Financial Strategy.

Research of potential structures and financial solutions to provide information to advise on their suitability to support your Lifestyle Financial Strategy.

Generation of servicing as well as new quotations for financial solutions to identify options for changing existing solutions or implementing new solutions to support your Lifestyle Financial Strategy.

How we will do it:
This phase includes two sessions of 60 – 90mins each.
How much it will cost:

Our fee for Step 2 ranges between R5,000 and R10,000 depending on whether individual / couple and employed / self-employed. We offer payment options of once-off upfront payment in full or payment of the total divided into two and paid per session, billed monthly.



After discussion about the structural and financial solutions proposed we can implement the product solutions you choose that will support your strategy and take you to where you want to go. This includes setting up an ongoing relationship paid via a monthly retainer with the specific level of service and support agreed on that you need moving forward.

What we will do
We will make paperwork easier for you by completing as much as we can on all forms, excluding health related questions where we will need to collaborate with you to gather the correct information.
We will thoroughly check applications and ensure that all supporting documents are in hand before we submit them to the relevant solutions providers.
We will monitor the application process, following up and connecting with solutions providers for any additional requirements until completion of the application.
We will keep connected to you to ensure that you know what is happening at all points in the application process.
We will gather together and check all finalised official solutions documentation to ensure that the final investment or policy issued is correct.
We will provide you with a spreadsheet or document folder containing a summary of all your financial solutions holdings and providers so that you have your important financial information in one place.
We will provide you with a summary of what solutions have been implemented and how they fulfil the requirements of your Financial Strategy.
How we will do it:

We will connect with your existing Tax, Accounting and other professionals, if needed.

Where necessary, we will refer you to our trusted partners who can assist with the specific services that fall outside of our scope of service or ability.

You will get 2x up to 2hr Meetings / Calls to review your Lifestyle Financial Strategy and track your progress towards reaching your goals. During this review we will:

  • Connect to your vision and goals and review / make adjustments where required. 
  • Perform a Financial Reality Check.
  • Perform a Possibility Simulation.
  • Update your Financial Summary Spreadsheet / Folder.
  • Provide you with a record of your progress towards your goals.
Maintain connection with us via email, WhatsApp and telephone as and when required.
We will monitor your existing solutions as well as be available to make any servicing or administrative changes to your solutions as and when required.

We can engage in ongoing Coaching sessions to support you to shift your relationship with money or fast-tracking your progress towards a specific short, medium or long-term goal.

How much it will cost:

Our retainer fee for our ongoing relationship is between R750 – R5,000 monthly, to be paid via debit order run on the 1st of every month. The amount is determined by the level of services and support we agree and contract you need. We will review and re-contract this annually at your annual financial strategy review sessions.

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