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Terry Winship

Terry Winship

Bespoke Trainer

My guiding philosophy is a Buddhist word ‘’Mudita” that means; finding joy in the happiness and success of others. I get so much positive reinforcement when I teach others and see them gain new skills.

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Working with MJ2F...

Is an experience that I love as Mary J has an ability to cut through all the financial jargon and allows me to understand my money decisions.

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Wanita Nicol

Wanita Nicol

Freelance Storyteller, Content Creator & Editor

Words are my thing; narrative even more so. I love learning the stories behind brands and people and bringing those stories to life in a way that excites an audience. What's your story? Let's tell people about it!

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Working with MJ2F...

Was a big decision, but it’s one of the best investments I’ve made into my business, our marriage and myself. Mary J helped me answer these questions and others that I didn’t know to ask. I now feel like I have direction and agency in my life and career… the ride is no less wild, but it feels less terrifying in the driver’s seat. 

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Claire du Trevou

Claire du Trevou

Freelance Urban Researcher & Architect

I am fiercely enthusiastic about transformation in South Africa and our cities, and I am constantly interrogating and probing the suite of options that have the potential to unlock inclusive regeneration of our cities.

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Working with MJ2F...
What a journey it has been! What I love most about working with the M’s, is that while they are there (no really, like THERE!), they have never once made me feel like I am incapable of making a decision. Rather, they ask probing questions, give informed feedback, and reveal to you just how magical and capable you really are!
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Zoë Palmer

Zoë Palmer

Strategic Design Facilitator & Enneagram Guide

Corporate dropout turned creative wildling currently playing with life through the lens of belonging.

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Working with MJ2F...

Unlocked something very special for me. She invited me to set “emotional goals” (what were those!?) and introduced me to the Enneagram which helped me put everything back together within myself after spending two years lost in the wild i.e. burnout recovery.

Eighteen months later, I still don’t quite have the money thing all figured out, but as a creative entrepreneur just starting off on her own, I think that’s fine – especially with MJ there to tame my chaos. 

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Change-Maker Testimonials

What Has Been Said About Us

When I first started working with Mary a couple of years ago I felt incredibly disempowered. I had spent my lifetime trying to fit a mould that really wasn’t the right fit. This translated into how I felt about, and related to money. Mary holds such a sensitive, supportive & respectful space for me to explore my self, needs, and how I’d like to be and move through the world abundantly.

In a year I went from scared and disempowered to courageously negotiating business deals from a place of self worth and values, not afraid to turn down offers that didn’t align with my new found will to thrive and not just survive.

Mary really is changing the way we can work with money, introducing a much needed holistic approach to merging wealth and well being.
Alexia Klompje
Mother, Creator, Modern Day Shaman
My wife Jacqui and I went to Mary to help us develop a strategy to achieve our personal financial goals and ambitions. After our first session we were hit by a major curve-ball: my company wanted me to relocate to Johannesburg. Mary was instrumental in helping us work through the stresses of planning for this relocation. Working with her gave us tremendous peace of mind. She has a keen eye for detail and is an incredible listener. Her process was thorough and easy to follow through with. Working with her gave us a safe place to have difficult conversations. We learnt a great deal about ourselves and our feelings around money in working with her. Even though we have now relocated to Johannesburg, we will continue to engage with Mary. She is an outstanding planner and coach and I would recommend her highly.
Brendan Dunn
Chartered Accountant working in Asset Management
Thank you so much for all of your advice and life coaching - You have helped us figure out our goals and how we approach our finances - as well as providing a framework to understand more about how we relate to one another and deal with conflict situations! It's been very insightful and entertaining.
Nicole & Graham Traas
UX Designer & Senior Java Developer
I did Mary's Money Mastery 6-month course and was amazed at how my money and energy started flowing towards my life purpose.
Lizelle Steyn
A Roadtrip to Financial Freedom Blog Owner
& Communication Specialist at Sanlam Investments
Mary and I come a long way. It started out as friends and evolved into something so much more. She has helped me as a life coach and financial adviser. She has changed my life in so many ways and I am forever grateful! Thank you so much for being you.
Martin Bekker
Wordsworth Books Online Category Manager
I am at the point in my life when my next big step is retirement - which is daunting for someone who has worked their whole life, starting with part-time jobs whilst still at school. Mary has guided me, through gentle questioning, to consider what I want my retirement to look like and when I would like to opt out of full time employ. She has presented me with various scenarios so that I could make the choice and adjust my investments accordingly, whilst also considering whether I would like to find other ways to earn during my 'retirement'.

Mary has a calm, measured approach to financial planning, and is pragmatic about what needs to be done by me, the client, in order to achieve my aims. I feel that Mary's knowledge, understanding and approach, has helped me to adjust my thinking and alleviate any fears that I may have had about this next big change. Working with Mary has been a comfort when facing this big change and planning for financial freedom!
Vivienne Jones
Executive Head, Elkanah House School
About a year ago I was looking to consult with a financial planner who would work with me to help me work with a balance of financial realities and the work I wanted to do/life I wanted to lead. I was referred to Mary J Fourie - and I absolutely found just what I was looking for/needed. She neither coddled me with 'just believe in your dreams and all will be ok' nor told me that my dreams were not financially possible and I was being ridiculous. She balanced both and helped me to see the full picture for myself and layout the choices and possibilities before me as we created tiered budgets, plans, priorities, etc.

While I'm not quite where I want to be yet, my consults with MJF were incredibly realistic, valuable then and continue to be. The plans and budgets increased my knowledge and awareness and they keep me on track, inform my choices, and have me finally moving in the direction I want to be moving. I'm making progress in a way that feels do-able - and the fact is, I am making progress - in an area that I floundered in for years.

This is all to say - I highly recommend availing yourself of her expertise!
Marissa Dana
Coach, AcroYoga Instructor & Marketer
During a time of enormous change and shifts in my life, returning back to South Africa after eight months of travel, I was extremely fortunate to be able to having the support and the guidance of Mary J Fourie.

I had some ideas about what it was that I wanted to do when I arrived back home, and she helped to coalesce these ideas and ground them in reality. She has the gift of being able to accurately feedback to you, a mirror, exactly what needs to be done to take these all important steps towards freedom and change.

Mary is amazing at holding a safe space, at guiding and mentoring, and allows you to be able to explore and grow through your own inner guidance and wisdom, giving little nudges on the way.

I’m very grateful to have had her expert hand help show me what I needed to do for my own highest growth. Thank you!
Margarita Stoffberg
Writer, Astrologist, Teacher & Tarot Card Reader
Thank you so much for today. I already have a slight sense of calm knowing that I have support and have started the very beginning of digging foundations. I'm so happy to be working with you. You are the calm in my storm. Thank you for holding space and your transparency, it’s so appreciated.
Leilah Kirsten
Following an introductory call...

Thank you for a unique engagement around money planning through a coaching lens.

This was a value in its own right as a coaching session!
Romy Rycroft
Thank you for your valuable contribution to our company’s employees so far. It’s been heart warming to see so many lives transformed. (See feedback below)

Can’t wait for our next module next week. Keep up the good work!
Nicoli Du Toit
Former HR Manager,
Chiltern Farms (Pty) Ltd

Corporate Employees Feedback

Participants were asked what their biggest gain from the MJ2F Financial Wellness Programme was and they shared

“I've made good progress on building up a 6-month emergency fund. And I pause and consider before I make any purchases to confirm that it's what I need, and not what I want. I also have a better handle on my expenses." – JO

“When I started I had a loan of 75000 which I have been paying for the past years, to my surprise the loan is now sitting on 30 000. I denied myself a lot of things so I can get this loan payed up asap and by End of Feb this loan will be fully payed up. I also had a small loan which is payed up. I am only with one loan to pay it off." – Thato Linda

“I talk to younger family members about money and making choices to save money. Hoping that the seeds I'm planting will help create a better financial future for them” – Jen
“I now understand how amazingly sexy finances can be. I want a sexy bank statement. I want to know what my money looks like every month. This journey feels like I'm hugging myself. The biggest thing about this programme is that it's guilt-free." – Elzemike Doman

“I knew I had to dive deep into my finances. I didn't know how deep it could go. This programme has shed some light on what I need to do and how to get there. It's so valuable." – Shaun Goldberg

“Definitely a big change for me was understanding my relationship with money.” – Anonymous

Learning to say "NO" boldly when people borrow money, learning to save even during times of sale. Not touching my emergency fund for sales.” – Leya Sarah Sibiya
“Discovering myself in a time where I was very unsure of where I was heading. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I now feel in control and know what to do with regards to my finances.” – Nicoli

“Budget clarity and personal growth.” – Andrew

“It’s ok to be yourself. Everybody is different.” – Mariaan

“To take control of my financial situation.” – Marius

“Financial and self-discipline.” – Tapiwa

“To accept myself as who I am and to budget every month.” – Denise

“To be myself and stop pleasing people.” – Tracy
“It made me re-evaluate who I am in order to see how I will approach my finances. It made me move past my fear and status quo towards asking questions, acknowledge where I am and what needs to be done, set goals and made me mobilise.” – Lynell

“To acknowledge the commitment of sticking to the spending plan and applying learnings in work environment too.” – Ace

“Resilience.” - Masixole

“The value in not only rands and cents, but being given a different set of life skills to equip me more than just a financial perspective.” - Anon

“I would recommend the program. Understanding yourself personally and what you want in life, financially and personally.” - Anon
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