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The Cost of my Life

We’ve explored that money is a form of energy exchange, a way to trade the value of things. One of things we trade money for is our time. In some way you could say that Money = Time. This is especially true where making money or generating an income is concerned. Money and time are often traded for the other.  I trade the hours in my day that I could spend in the way that I choose, to rather spend in a way that generates money. I trade my time for money.

Money = Time

You can therefore work out the value of time in your Life, by working out what an hour of your Life costs you.

Because, if you think deeply about it, we don’t buy things with money alone, we buy them with hours from our life.

Henry David Thoreau described it by saying

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

This is a money-mindset changing principle. When we can begin to see our purchases through the lens of exchanging life, rather than money, we can better appreciate the weight of our purchases and understand their full cost.

It’s now time to ask yourself, what does an hour of my life cost?

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