Assignment 1 of 0

My Reflections

How have you thought about, felt about or engaged with money this week? How have you experienced the assignments this week?

What story’s have you been telling yourself, or other people about money? Have you been owning it? Are you choosing response-ability? Or are you in blame and reaction?

Have you felt in flow and at ease when spending money? Have you feel carefree? Or have you felt stressed, perhaps frustrated, maybe even some anxiety?

What new insights about your enneagram style and how you perceive and engage with the world have you had? What new connections can you see between your default worldview and how this impacts your experience of money?

What choices were you faced with this week? How did those choices make you feel? How did you make a choice? Were you faced with choosing between a need and a want?

Where have you been operating? Have you been mostly above the line? Or below the line?

Do you notice any patterns? Are there any habits you can see you have? Are there situations that happen again and again? Any thoughts or feelings that come up on repeat?

Are you living from your soul, or from the outside in? Do you have any unmet needs or unexpressed values? How are you creating meaning in your Life?

No judgement. There is no right or wrong here, no good or bad. Simply notice. Consider ” That’s interesting”.

Your task is to observe yourself, be curious and then write about whatever comes to mind by clicking on “Start Assignment” below.