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Book my Individual Planning Session with Mary J

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Book my Individual Planning Session with Mary J

As part of this programme you get to spend time with Mary J exploring your personal finances in a Coached Lifestyle Financial Planning Session.

You may use this session in whatever way you feel will best help you at this point.

Some suggestions for how you could use this session include:

  • Bring your Spending Plan with the intention to look for ways to maximize it, taking advantage of the opportunity to explore any blind-spots you might have around it.
  • Exploring any area in your finances that has you stuck right now.
  • Having with you a list of any questions you have about anything covered in the programme thus far.
  • And anything else that you might have on your mind that we haven’t mentioned yet.

Book Planning Session with Mary J

Please follow this link to schedule your Planning Session with Mary J here.

Each session is an hour. There are 9 hours available in her schedule each week. Please only select a session to start at the top of an hour, not half way through an hour. eg. 12:00 but not 12:30.

If you get stuck or have any queries, please reach out for help.

Once you’ve Booked your Planning Session, please come back and note it through the assignment on this page.