Webinar : Change-Maker Conversations with Terry // 2022.06.29

  • Wednesday 29th June
  • 12:15 GMT+2 for 45mins

Join the conversation and leave having had something sparked within you – inspiration, hope, courage, your own creativity and how you can use it to solve problems and make the world a better place, and a feeling of connection.



366 Days around the world.

A single mom with her 9-year-old daughter.

Terry Winship felt the fear and did it anyway, breaking through limiting beliefs and making memories together that they will never forget.

While this may appear to be a travel story, in reality it is about the changes you can make in your life when you stop arguing for your limitations.

It’s how to experience life on the other side of fear (when the fear is stopping you from living the kind of life you want and need).

It’s also about the cost of dreams and the empty promises we make to ourselves.

It’s a call to action not to wait to get your life started.

Hear from Terry as she tells her story and find out how she did it and what she learnt about living your dreams before it’s too late.


About Change-Maker Conversations by MJ2F

We believe that every human being on this planet has something of value to contribute to the world that will make a positive difference in some way. Those that choose to, make their contribution through the intentional use of their gifts and talents.

It is our mission to help these people we like to call Change-Makers, become the hero’s and heroines of their money story so they can confidently live their purpose and create abundance and freedom for themselves, those they love and those they serve.

We have therefore created our Change-Maker Community within which to showcase the gifts and talents of the Change-Maker’s we get to work with. We will be hosting regular webinars where we invite our Change-Makers to share something about who they are, the way they see the world and what they offer the world that may be of value to you.

We look forward to you joining the conversation!

Be the hero(ine) of your own money story.

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