Meet a Change-Maker : Wanita Nicol

“Freedom, to me, means being able to do what makes me feel fulfilled every day, whatever that may be on that particular day. ” – Wanita Nicol

At MJ2F our mission is to create a community of change-makers who are up to something through the purposeful use of their gifts and talents. They are response-able disrupters who challenge the status quo through their independent thinking, feeling and actions. Our goal is to create an online community where we can: 
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Getting to know

Wanita Nicol

Freelance Storyteller, Content Creator & Editor

We met Wanita earlier this year when her husband contacted us asking if we’d be willing to work with them to help them get intentional with their money. Bryan is a financial planner himself so he knows and believes in the power of planning your money. As a couple it is important to ensure your money is working towards both individual and shared goals, and not causing stress and strain on your relationship.

We loved working with Bryan and Wanita because they actively embody change-making in so many ways, both personally and professionally. We especially loved learning about and supporting Wanita shift from being employed to working freelance – a necessary and exciting, yet also daunting, transition for her.

Through getting to know Wanita we discovered that she has experienced many people or businesses with great products and services struggling to find the words to tell the world about it. This is the core of her gift and offering to the world – she will gladly be the one to find them for you. Being a professional storyteller with 17 years’ experience, including writing and editing for glossy magazines, corporate newsletters, websites, blogs and social media, words are her thing; narrative even more so. She not only loves learning about the stories behind brands and people, but also the journey of bringing those stories to life in a way that excites an audience. What’s your story? Wanita’s eager to uncover it and help you tell people about it!  

Wanita has a diverse range of interests and talents (including being a certified fitness instructor!). She’s a Change-Maker with the super powers change-making businesses need to help them tell the world about what they’re doing and how they’re contributing something of value that will change the world in some way. We’re equally inspired and intimidated by her – as we copywrite all our own blogs! 

We recently spent time with Wanita to explore more about who she is and what sparks her soul.

What brings meaning, purpose and fulfillment to your LIFE?

Being creative, solving problems, completing projects to an “air-punch” standard and using my time and talents to do good in the world by helping others.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of work I do that surprises and delights my clients. 

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced along your journey to now?

During the pandemic, I was retrenched from a job I loved when the business closed down. I had to learn how to make a success of self-employment, which was a new and daunting path for me. I’m still learning this skill.  

Complete the sentence “Money is important to me because…”

“Money is important to me because it facilitates living the life I want to live.”

What do you do and who do you do it for?

I mostly write and edit content for businesses. This includes website copy, blog posts, thought leadership articles, brand stories and social media posts. I have a background as a health and fitness editor and these areas are of special interest to me :

  • Wellness & Fitness
  • Advertising
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Property
  • Financial Services
  • Tourism
  • Tech
  • Magazines
What do you love most about what you do?

I love playing with words and helping clients articulate what they do, know and stand for. I really love opportunities where I get to use my craft to show people special, unique parts of themselves that they’re unable to see in the mirror.   

What has working with MJ2F been like for you?

It started at a time when I was going through a lot of uncertainty. Having recently been retrenched from a job I loved (#CovidRuinsEverything), I had started freelancing. This was my first real foray into the scary-exciting world of self-employment and very soon I was zooming down a highway to burnout, fuelled by uncertainty, saying yes to every scrap of work that came my way.

“Did I have enough? Could I have enough? What did “enough” even look like for me?”

I just didn’t know. Three or four months into this wild ride, my husband suggested we meet with Mary. Working with her was a big decision, but it’s one of the best investments I’ve made into my business, our marriage and myself. She helped me answer these questions and others that I didn’t know to ask. 

I now feel like I have direction and agency in my life and career… the ride is no less wild, but it feels less terrifying in the driver’s seat. 

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