Meet a Change-Maker : Terry Winship

“Freedom, to me, means control of my own Life and the ability to make my own choices!” – Terry Winship
At MJ2F our mission is to create a community of change-makers who are up to something through the purposeful use of their gifts and talents. They are response-able disrupters who challenge the status quo through their independent thinking, feeling and actions. Our goal is to create an online community where we can: 
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Getting to know

Terry Winship

Bespoke Trainer

We’ve known Terry for a couple of years now. Terry is a true multipotentialite. She places emphasis on self-motivation and growth and has over the years started and run several diverse businesses, ranging from IT and training through to photography and hospitality. She has run a guesthouse in a remote location of South Africa, travelled the world for a year with her young daughter, created and delivered delicious Banting Ready-made Meals and more recently consolidated her extensive tech knowledge and aptitude into offering training on the most sought-after skills for the new digital economy.

For her, effective communication coupled with motivation and team building mean that she’s maintained some of her clients for more than 25 years. Key to her abilities is that she is able to produce under pressure while being flexible to suit client needs, and her hospitality awards and long-term IT clients bear testament to her strengths. Her guiding philosophy is a Buddhist term: Mudita, defined as “finding joy in the happiness and success of others”. Terry believes implicitly in the power of continuous learning and is passionate about uplifting people.

We are in awe of her natural agility and wealth of talents and gifts that she easily shifts between to offer her diverse mix of services to the world. Terry is a true example of a Change-Maker as she strives to empower others, adapting to the changing needs of the world and people around her.

 We recently spent time with Terry to explore more about who she is and what inspires her.

What brings meaning, purpose and fulfillment to your LIFE?

Interaction with people and relationships, my daughter… I get great satisfaction from seeing people use new skills. I love the logical satisfaction I get from creating spreadsheets and programs and systems that are logical and flow properly.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the training courses I have designed and run. 

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced along your journey to now?

Getting long covid and learning to pace myself.

Complete the sentence “Money is important to me because…”

“Money is important to me because it’s an enabler and an energy that allows you to do stuff.”

What do you do and who do you do it for?

I have three components that I offer to individuals who are usually small to medium business / startup entrepreneurs, but also include anyone who feels inspired to learn new stuff :

  •  Microsoft services : creating complex spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint slide decks.
  • Providing training courses : MS Office beginners to expert, Canva, Film Editing, LinkedIn and Zoom Technical Host.
  • Public Speaking as well as Public Speaker Training & Coaching.
What do you love most about what you do?

I love teaching and transferring skills. I love learning new skills and converting them into workshops and I love helping people create documents that are accurate, clean and simple.

What has working with MJ2F been like for you?

I love working with Mary as she has an ability to cut through all the financial jargon and allows me to understand my money decisions.

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