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The Truth about Money

Money has no meaning until we give it meaning. Money is neutral.

Money doesn’t have thoughts or feelings. It can’t discern who is more or less deserving than another. Money is a concept created by humans. We decide what it is and what it means.

The Truth about Money

The truth about money is that neither holding on to nor spending money will buy you happiness.

Happiness comes from using money in service of that which you value. What do you value?

Because we each value different things. What I value is not the same as what you value. For some of us we most highly value family whilst for others it might be friends, or work or travel and experiences or community and contribution and potentially so many other things…

What we value and what we do that brings us joy is deeply personal to each of us.

This module is about helping you consider this truth about money and start the journey by looking at where you are right now and then using your imagination to visualise and set goals for yourself , this journey and your money.

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