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Preparing for the Journey

Welcome! We’re going on a journey, a Journey 2 Freedom, and we know you’re going to enjoy the adventure.

Everything we do is about freedom.

We define freedom as being at the intersection of where your head, your heart and your hands are in alignment.

Alignment of your thoughts, your emotions & your behaviour.

We use three principles to help us bring alignment between these aspects of ourselves including :

  • response-ability to define the ability to master our thinking and be empowered to choose our response to Life.
  • contribution to define the contribution we make to others and ourselves through our habits and actions.
  • connection to define how connected we are to our inner self as well as the key relationships in our Life.

We hope you’re looking forward to understanding more deeply who you are, what you value and then strategizing how you can make your money work to support all that is most important to you and your loved ones in creating the life you want to live. Think mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual freedom!

The first topic is about what you need to pack in your Journey Backpack that will ensure that you get the most value out of this course and experience with us.

Click on “My Journey BackPack” below to get started.