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Month 1 Reflection

Reflection is a valuable practice that helps us process our experiences as well as the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we hold around such. Reflection helps us to make sense of things, make meaning of things and let go of the bits that don’t serve us on our journey.

Reflective practices can take many different shapes and forms. Some reflect during their daily activities like allowing your mind to wander whilst you’re driving or in the shower or looking out of a window whilst drinking a cup of tea. Others create specific and intentional reflective practices like meditation or journaling, both of which have many different approaches and ways of practice. Others still enjoy more physical forms of reflective practice such as exercise or yoga or pilates or walking.

There is no wrong way to engage in a reflective practice because we are each unique and what works for one is different to what works for another.

Your Reflective Practice

We would like to encourage you to start a reflective practice. This might be daily, a few times a week, weekly as well as monthly. Think about what would work best for you and your schedule. The purpose of this reflective practice is to spend time connecting to your money journey and reflecting on how you thought about, felt about or engaged with money that over the past month.

Once a month, we’d like you to come and write about it in a “Monthly Reflection” assignment.

There is no right or correct way capture your reflections. We encourage you to simply write what you thought, felt and observed about yourself and your experiences. And if anything comes up around your reflection on those – perhaps you feel something when you think back about something that happened – write about that too.

You are not marked on your submission, but rather that you have engaged with the assignment.

When you’re ready to begin, whether now or later, hop on over to “Reflecting on My 1st Month” below.