Introducing Marguerite

Do you yearn to experience financial freedom? To see your dreams become reality? To put your money to work in a way that fuels your passion? 

Marguerite partners with clients to help rewrite their financial stories and is passionate about empowering them to embrace freedom. This often involves helping clients re-examine and challenge behaviours which no longer serve them, while co-creating a safe space in which they can learn new strategies, experiment with different approaches, and grow in confidence to effectively manage their resources of time, energy, talents and finances. 

From a young age, Marguerite has been fascinated by what makes us tick as humans, and spent countless hours reading biographies and self-help books in her teens. Embarking on studies in Psychology seemed a natural and logical progression. At the time of studying towards her Honours degree in Psychology through UNISA, she took up employment as personal assistant in a family financial advisory business. 

It was during this time that she became intrigued by the possibilities financial planning offer as a helping profession, and the close connections between spiritual, emotional and financial wellbeing. On completion of her Honours degree in Psychology, she embarked on further studies in financial planning. At the same time, her job description evolved to paraplanner, and later financial planner and partner in the family business. 

An early adopter of fee-based financial planning, Marguerite started LIFE Tax & Financial Planning Consultants CC in 2004. 

In the years that followed, she adventured into marriage and parenthood, while continuing journeying alongside the select group of clients with whom she has established long-term professional relationships. The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdowns created the perfect opportunity to start formalising and furthering her studies in financial coaching. During a period of business restrategizing, she discovered My Journey 2 Freedom and upon meeting Mary J Fourie, found they shared the same passion and vision. Collaboration and business partnership followed naturally. 

Marguerite is a registered Certified Financial Planner® professional with the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI)a General Tax Practitioner™ member of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT), and has obtained the following academic qualifications: Certificate in Financial Coaching (UFS), Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (UFS), Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (UFS) and BA Hons (Psychology) (UNISA). 

She loves God, exploring our beautiful region with her family, learning about regenerative farming, reading, poetry, and making music. 


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