Go Hustle Gratitude Journal 2022 – Invest in Yourself and Your Money

When you shift your mindset to view money as something you’re in a relationship with, you put yourself in the powerful position of being able to choose to be an active participant in the relationship.

This article was authored by Mary J Fourie, for the Go Hustle 2022 Gratitude Journal published and on sale in April 2022.

Top Five Tips for Investing in Yourself & Your Money

1. Choose to be in a relationship with your money

“With money as your partner, what do you want it to do for you? Are you able to clearly articulate what you want money to do for you so that you might tell it? How easy is it for you to tell your money what you want it to do for you? If relationships are about give and take, what are you willing to give to money to make it a fruitful relationship?” asks Mary J.

2. Get curious about your relationship to money

Mary J says, you might look at different kinds of people and have thoughts about who they are based on how much money they have or the kind of lifestyle they live. 

“Where did these thoughts and opinions come from? Who did you learn them from? What did your parents teach you about money? Do you experience strong emotions when it comes to thinking about or working with your money? Curiosity about how our relationship to money initially formed or has been influenced empowers us by allowing us to see the truth of our current reality. From this place we’re able to make different choices,” she says.

3. Take stock of your money habits

As complex human beings we don’t always behave in alignment with what we think, intend, or say. I might say I wish to be a millionaire, but my money habits are not the habits of a millionaire.

 “Taking stock of your money habits requires you to look back at the choices you have already made about your money through the way you earned it and have spent it, asking yourself if these were wise ways and whether  continuing the same way will get you to where you want to be in the future,” explains Mary J.

4. Choose the meaning you want for your money

Money has no meaning until we give it meaning. 

You get to choose what meaning you give to your money. 

Is your money this delicious, sweet, and abundant flow of energy that acknowledges the purposeful use of your gifts and talents? “Does spending money on the costs of a lifestyle and experiences that bring meaning and joy to your life stir feelings of fulfillment, satisfaction, and gratitude?” she asks.

5. Create goals & take action towards your money vision

“You can spend a lifetime exploring your relationship with money; however, nothing will change in that relationship or your life until you are clear on what you value, what you want for yourself and those you love, and you set goals with a clear strategy on what actions to take,” says Mary J. 

The first step to setting a goal is to allow yourself to dream and to envision your future self. Who are you? What are you doing? How are you feeling? What can you do today as a first step towards that vision?

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Learn how you can

Live your purpose, make millions and experience abundance and financial freedom, forever.

The 8 Money Skills of Millionaires

Learn how to create the Money Mindset & Habits to live your purpose, make millions and experience abundance and financial freedom, forever.

The 8 Money Skills of Millionaires

Learn how to create the Money Mindset & Habits to live your purpose, make millions and experience abundance and financial freedom, forever.

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