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A Life Moment : How is your heart?

How is your heart? I would love to know how you are right now, in this moment. If you were to stop for a minute, put your hand on your chest and close your eyes, what would you feel? What would your heart tell you about how you are right now? What wisdom would it share about the state of your Being?

A Life Moment : Being Busy vs Getting Things Done

Being busy doesn’t always mean that I’m getting things done. Or perhaps a kinder way to look at it is that I am getting things done and there are also lots of other things that I want to do. The reality is that there are choices to be made every moment of every day in deciding what to do now, next and later.

Financial Security and a Journey to Freedom for all South Africans

We believe that we, and you, and every South African, have the right to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially free. We believe in nurturing connection with ourselves, each other, our community and a higher power. We believe in contributing something of value that will change the lives of other South African’s and, as a result, the world in some way..

Dimensions of Financial Wellness

Money is something that we are in a relationship with. For many, especially during the current economic climate, financial problems are stressful and can often arise unexpectedly, causing mental health issues. These mental health issues can then have a huge effect on how people behave with their money, potentially creating a vicious cycle. Financial planners now see the value in upskilling themselves to be better at working with the psychological aspect of money and not just the numbers.

5 Tips for Financial Freedom

Mary J Fourie’s father passed away when she was very young. There was no life insurance in place. This left her mother to work exceptionally hard to look after both her and her brother. Mary believes her mom was completely dis-empowered in that situation because her parents had done no financial planning. “That is why I’m so passionate about helping women and change-makers to thrive, not just survive!” She says. “That’s why I like to help people on their journey to financial freedom.”