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Grow and nurture your personal wealth, purpose and wellbeing through course & community. Connect, learn, and share. You're not alone on your journey to live a meaningful, fulfilling and financially free life.
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You can have wealth, purpose AND wellbeing!

"Money is an energy flow. Creating wealth and wellbeing is about getting intentional about how money flows into and out of your Life."

You’re reading this because there’s something inside of you that believes it really is possible for you to experience the peace, contentment and joy that comes with doing values-led and purposeful work whilst living a financially secure, financially well, financially independent and financially free LIFE. 

Something inside of you is saying “Yes! I’m ready to do what it takes to be free!”

We’re ready for you too. Join us and let’s walk a journey together to see you master the steps to creating and keeping wealth for yourself, your family and generations to come whilst you do purposeful, meaningful work and change the world at the same time.

Be intentional. Live your purpose. Be Free. Experience wealth AND wellbeing.

You will Learn...

You will Do...

Transform your life so you never have to worry about money again!


Learn, Connect & Grow… together

The Women’s Wealth & Wellbeing Community exists as a sacred space where women can gather and learn, connect and grow in wealth and wellbeing, together.

You get the following as part of your journey :

  • Online access to a private Community Platform (web & mobile friendly)
  • A 12-month Course (value R5,000)
  • Additional Advanced Course in second 12 months (value R5,000)
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching (value R3,000)
  • A Money Personality Assessment (value R250)
  • Downloadable Templates & Tools (value R2,500)
  • Additional Resources & Practical Money Tools
  • Support & Accountability Peer Partners
  • Discounted Individual Coaching with Mary J & Marguerite
  • And more as we continue to dream, grow and expand… 

This programme has been created for all women, from all walks of Life who feel like there's more to Life than eat, sleep, work and repeat.

If you believe that it is possible to create a financially free Life and live in the way you want to, but you're just not sure how to do it - then you're in the right place.

If you're frustrated with the system of "get rich quick" and you want to create a sustainable path to financial freedom - then you're in the right place.

The foundational course runs over 12 months, although you're welcome to extend your membership after the initial 12 month period is complete to continue to access the advanced courses and stay part of the community, access the masterclasses and maintain your discounts for financial coaching sessions.

It took you your whole life to get to where you are today. It will therefore take some time to unlearn old ways of thinking as well as unhelpful habits and to learn and create new ones.

To get the best results from this journey we also believe that you need time between modules to reflect on, discuss with the community or your peer partner and action your learning.

The monthly membership starts when you click "Join Now" and complete the registration process and will continue until you decide to cancel it.

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Mary J

Mary J exists to help Change-Makers, like you, become the hero(ine)'s of your own money story so you can live your purpose, make millions and experience abundance and financial freedom. Led by her values of freedom created through connection, contribution and response-ability MJ truly believes that it is possible to live a purposeful and meaningful Life AND be financially free.

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