Step 6: Financial Advice, Trust & Support

Explore the fundamentals of trust and connection in human relationships to help you create circles of support and accountability on your financial freedom journey.
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You can change your mindset and change your Life!

You’re in the home stretch now, and we’re back to check-in about that Change-Making Millionaires Money Mindset you’re consciously curating.

In this step we explore how easily we can slip into comfort zones as humans, allowing our default operating system to take over and put us into cruise control. Whilst holding this awareness we reflect back and celebrate the journey we’ve been on so far, acknowledging the progress we’ve made.

We explore the importance of trust and connection in relationships, both personal, professional and with ourselves. Using this new insight we explore where you can find professional support on your financial freedom journey, as picking a financial coach, planner or advisor is hard!

Leave this step feeling affirmed and confident about how far you’ve come.

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Mary J

Mary J exists to help Change-Makers, like you, become the hero(ine)'s of your own money story so you can live your purpose, make millions and experience abundance and financial freedom. Led by her values of freedom created through connection, contribution and response-ability MJ truly believes that it is possible to live a purposeful and meaningful Life AND be financially free.

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