Step 5: Debt, Risk & Leaving a Legacy

Discover how to pay down debt, navigate risk and spread the love through family financial planning and creating a family money story.
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You can be debt free, financially free and create a legacy for generations to come!

By now you’ve experienced some massive mindset shifts as well as taken back control of your finances. Well done!

In this step we’re going to explore ways to pay down debt as well as consider other risks that might impact our financial freedom journey.

We’re also going to spend some time looking at the many different human intelligences, and unlocking your own so that you can be operating at your highest potential in all areas of your Life.

Finally we’ll wrap up with thinking about how to involve our family in this journey, creating healthy family money stories as well as plan a legacy for generations to come.

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Mary J

Mary J exists to help Change-Makers, like you, become the hero(ine)'s of your own money story so you can live your purpose, make millions and experience abundance and financial freedom. Led by her values of freedom created through connection, contribution and response-ability MJ truly believes that it is possible to live a purposeful and meaningful Life AND be financially free.

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