2021 Finances on Fire Challenge

Finances on Fire  is an interactive online programme intended to help you create healthy money habits so you feel confident, on purpose and in control of your money as you journey 2 financial freedom.
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Your ability to create wealth and stay wealthy is not dependent on how much you earn, it’s dependent on your habits and choices. Do you have healthy money habits? Are you on track, or do you need to make a change?

Through this programme it is our wish that you get better at making your money work intentionally for you so that you can reach your financial freedom goals.

We hope that you find the journey stimulating, engaging and fun and that you leave the programme transformed not only in how you think and feel about money but that you’ve also:

  • Created healthy money habits.
  • Started on the path towards creating your own financial freedom.
  • Nurtured closer relationships with those you love.
  • Embodied the change you wish to see in the world through the purposeful use of your gifts and talents.

About Instructor

Mary J

Mary J exists to help Change-Makers, like you, become the hero(ine)'s of your own money story so you can live your purpose, make millions and experience abundance and financial freedom. Led by her values of freedom created through connection, contribution and response-ability MJ truly believes that it is possible to live a purposeful and meaningful Life AND be financially free.

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Course Includes

  • 81 Lessons
  • 66 Topics
  • 93 Assignments