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Helping your employees to mental and financial wellbeing whilst increasing your bottom line.


Your employee’s ability to create wealth and stay wealthy is not dependent on how much they earn, but rather on their mindset and habits. Do you employees have a healthy money mindset? Do your employees have healthy money habits?

We help people, like your employees, create the mindset and habits that will help them achieve mental and financial wellbeing.

Did you know that financially well employees :

Our Services

How we can help you help your employees

Webinars & Workshops

Financial Literacy and Money Mastery Education Sessions to inspire and empower your employees
Pick a webinar / we can craft a bespoke experience for your employees on :
* The 8 Money Skills of Millionaires
* Rewriting your Money Story
* Creating Financial & Life Goals
* Mastering a Millionaires Money Mindset
* Creating the Money Habits of a Millionaire
* Creating a Spending Plan & Strategy
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Online Courses & Community

Enabling your employees to learn more about money in their own time and at their own pace
Choose from our online courses that will take your employees on a journey to better understand their relationship to money and teach them money mastery. Courses include :
*The 8 Money Skills of Millionaires
* Step 1 : My Millionaire Money Mindset
* Step 2 : My Millionaire Money Habits
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Financial Coaching

Helping your employee with an urgent money decision or mental or emotional challenge with money
Coaching will help your employees uncover what holds them back from achieving personal, professional and financial goals.

The result of a coaching experience with us is clarity and confidence about what next steps to take that will move them closer to their vision of a free, fulfilling and purposeful Life.
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My Journey 2 Freedom Programme

Empower your employees to improve their financial wellbeing
The My Journey 2 Freedom Programme is our premium Employee Financial Wellness Programme designed to help your employees take control of their money, increase their resilience, get out of debt, create and grow their wealth and improve their mental wellbeing as a result.
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Schedule a Free Connection Call with Mary J & Marguerite to explore your corporate needs. We look forward to walking the journey towards financial freedom with you and your employees.


About Our Corporate Offering

Our offer to you



Every webinar we facilitate is carefully curated to include not only facts and interesting information, but to promote our belief that it is possible for every individual to master their relationship and behaviour with money so that they can create a Life that feels free, fulfilling and purposeful to them.

We believe in taking participants on a journey that leaves them feeling inspired and motivated to take that one step forward that will move them closer to financial wellness.

How we do it

We will share information about the specific financial and emotional literacy topics chosen for that webinar in an interesting, exploratory manner without using fear or sales tactics.

We believe that information turns into knowledge only when we are invited to engage with such information and reflect on it personally so that we make it meaningful and relevant to our own Life.

We will therefore create a learning space where personal reflection is invited and encouraged so that your employees turn information into personal knowledge.

Throughout all of our engagements we will nudge your employees to think about their relationship to money and the impact of such on their habits with money to help them gain mastery of self.

Fundamental to our philosophy and approach to learning is that we encourage purposeful focus of conversations to help your employees consider the opportunities and trade-off choices they have available to them.

In everything we do we will create an environment that supports an employee’s journey of discovery, exploration and experimentation whilst encouraging them to create their own accountability and support structures.

We will acknowledge mindset shifts that occur during our engagements with your employees and encourage the follow through of habit shifts, celebrating the start of building a healthy relationship to money as a result.

How much it will cost

We charge an hourly fee and can also quote on a series of webinars, on request.

  • Webinar R4,500 per hour

    Virtual Webinar facilitated during office hours using Zoom or Teams.

Financially well employees are more focused, engaged and productive which results in an increased business bottom line.

Our offer to you

Online Courses


Out-the-box self-paced online learning courses are available to purchase through our community e-learning platform. 

Group discounts and bulk employee onboarding available on request.

Help your employees build healthy money habits.

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Financial Coaching


Every journey starts with a hero, and your employee’s own journey is no different. This is why our coaching approach is centered around spending time with each employee getting to know the hero that they are in their own Life. We will help them to identify, embrace and embody their unique strengths, gifts and talents and support the use of such in creating healthy money habits and financial wellness.

What we will do

A Coached process that helps your employee define their financial and life goals and vision. Who are they? What are they about? This provides us with their “why” and “for what” and shows us the direction we’re heading.

An exploration of your employee’s present reality including what brought them to here and what is going on in this moment. From here we’re able to prioritise where to focus our coaching .

Aided by psychometric assessments providing insight into your employee’s default world view, psychological relationship to money and the impact of such on their habits with money to help them gain mastery of self.

NB: No psychometric assessment results or reports are shared without explicit consent of the individual concerned.

Coached reflections and purposeful conversations to help your employee consider the opportunities and trade-off choices they have available to them.

Supporting your employee’s journey of discovery, exploration and experimentation whilst holding them accountable to what they say they will do.

Tracking progress towards goals, acknowledging steps taken forward and celebrating milestones and achievements along the journey.

How we will do it

Eight sessions of 60 mins each on the following topics:

An exploration of what got me here and setting intentional goals and expectations for our relationship and the journey ahead.

Where attention goes, energy (and money) flows. Where do I flow? An exploration of the facts and focus of my world right now.

What is my default perspective? Where does it serve me? Where does it not? Understanding my strengths and blind-spots through exploring psychometric profiles.

An exploration of my values, purpose, mission and vision. Identifying the “why?” of my money and where I focus my attention and Life.

What kind of Life am I creating? What kind of Life do I want to Live? An exploration of my assumptions, what is in my circle of control, and assessing my options and choices.

Three sessions focused on coaching of specific themes and areas of challenge or desire for growth that are relevant to my journey.

How much it will cost

We charge an hourly fee and recommend a commitment of eight sessions minimum to get the most benefit from our time together.

  • Individual Coaching R1,750 per hour

    Helping individual employees learn how to create free, fulfilling and purposeful relationships to their money and their Life.

  • Group Coaching quote available on request

    Helping groups of employees learn how to create free, fulfilling and purposeful relationships to their money and their Life.

  • Psychometric Assessments R1,500 per person

    Helping your employee gain accelerated insight into their default world view, psychological relationship to money and the impact of such on their habits with money to help them gain mastery of self.

Empower your employees to financial wellbeing.

Our exclusive offer to you

The MJ2F Employee Financial Wellness Programme


Our flagship programme takes participants on a thought-provoking, interactive journey to explore the question of what financial wellness means to them and what they can do to start creating it. They’ll explore the fundamentals of money, including looking at the different ways to create and protect their wealth.

Being transformational in nature, the intention of this programme is to deeply impact and shift participants relationship to and experience of money in their lives. Our approach incorporates exploring how their mindset impacts their relationship to money and ability to create healthy money habits.

Upon completion of the programme participants will not only have the knowledge of how to create their own financial wellness, but will feel empowered to do so. Connected to who they are and what they want, as well as committed to taking ownership of their circumstances, they will be better able to make the behavioural changes needed to shift their lives. The result is they’ll feel confident knowing they’ve taken the first steps to make it happen, already having achieved some of their goals to pay down debt, start saving and investing and taking better care of their money.

How it works

Released weekly over a period of 30 weeks, each virtual micro-learning module contains a multi-media mix of interactive content intended to take up no more than 2 hours of time.

Assessments providing insight into an individuals default world view, psychological relationship to money and the potential impact of such on their habits with money to help them gain mastery of self.

2x 60mins Individual Coaching Sessions exploring the Self-Mastery topics and psychometric assessment results.

2x 60mins Individual Coached Planning Sessions exploring the personal financial planning needs of the individual.

4x 90mins Facilitated Group MasterClasses to support engagement and connection of participants with programme content and each other.

Our learning platform offers various social aspects including gamification through leaderboards, badges, mini-challenges and prizes awarded for achievements.

Social learning encouraged through activity feed sharing and discussion forum engagement.

Benefits for employees

An employee who understands their cost to company and how that is made up, and who has made conscious choices about how they spend their money.


Freeing up cash-flow as a result of taking ownership of the choices they make about how to spend their money resulting in a reduction of stress and anxiety.

Increased ability to face financial challenges, uncertainty and change as a result of being empowered with the knowledge and tools of how to mindfully manage their money. Includes the creation of financial security measures.

Knowing what to do and where to start to create and protect their wealth for now and generations to come.

Gaining awareness of the financial products available and a basic understanding of how they work including what questions to ask when engaging with a financial advisor or product salesperson.

Having a clearly defined and articulated vision of what financial wellness and a free, fulfilled and purposeful life looks like for them.

An employee who can articulate their values and identify when they are not living in alignment with them, including whether the use of their money is supportive of them living their values.

Feeling empowered and confident to make financial decisions that will have a positive impact on their finances and help to support them living financially well.

As a result of engaging with both the financial and emotional literacy aspect of this programme, employees will gain increased mastery over themselves including their ability to engage with and lead each other.

Benefits for business

Employees that are mentally well and resilient as a result of taking care of their financial wellbeing.

Employees that understand and appreciate the company benefits and total cost to company package that you have provided.

Employees who are financially well are less stressed and anxious and more engaged with their work as a result of being able to focus in the here and now and not be distracted.

Increased financial wellness and satisfaction results in less stress for HR in managing salary negotiation conversations.

Time spent managing garnishee orders against employee salary’s is reduced as more financially well employees manage their debt commitments better.

Employees who better manage the money they earn and have are less likely to seek employment elsewhere as a way to increase earnings.

Overall businesss risk decreases as financially well employees are less likely to commit fraud.

Happier, less stressed employees are more focused, engaged and productive which increases the business bottom line.

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How much it will cost:

We charge a fee for the initial journey of 30-weeks followed by a monthly fee for continued access to the platform and learning content.

  • 4 - 19 employees R14,000 per person

    R1,250 per employee per month over 12 months.

  • 20 - 49 employees R12,000 per person

    R1,000 per employee per month over 12 months.

  • 50+ employees R10,000 per person

    R850 per employee over 12 months.

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