A Life Moment : Setting oneself up for Success

Sometimes I need a mental ctrl+alt+delete (reboot).

Some people cut their hair and whilst I do regularly trim my fringe, for me a mental reboot happens when I clean, clear and rearrange my physical space.

Last night I did just that. I shifted my second monitor from the right to the left side of my desk.

I believe in the Montessori philosophy of a prepared environment. When you prepare your environment consciously you set yourself up for success.

Everything in my office environment has an intention and purpose behind it. From the colour of the walls to the flooring, the layout of my tech and plants, the water bottles and glass on my desk, the speaker on the table, the open space and even the books I keep around me.

My prepared environment allows me to do things for myself that nourish my soul and keep me energized and able to be present with others.

My corner of the world and where I work and wrote this blog post.

I can play music whilst I work, and I have space to turn up the volume and dance to clear and raise my energy.

I have a yoga mat stashed behind my second monitor (in an aesthetically pleasing colour) that I can whip out and lay down in the open space to stretch and ground myself if I’m feeling scattered and unfocused.

I keep 2.75litres of water on my desk and ensure my glass is filled and that I drink regularly with the goal to finish at least the 2l bottle during my work day.

The plants clean my air and allow me to breathe and add a positive energy of growth and abundance.

The books are stores of knowledge and easy to grab and dive into if I feel inspired to reconnect to a topic in a moment.

The multi-colour kokis and my journal are an arms reach away – as journaling and colouring also help me connect to myself, ground myself and focus.

My cast-iron tea pot reminds me to slow down, drink tea and savour the moment.

The art behind me has its own special story I’ll share another day.

A different perspective showing the consciously created spaciousness and my video-call background.

This corner of the world is all mine. It reflects who I am as much as it supports me showing up as my favourite self every day.

🌱 What does your corner of the world look like?

🌱 How is it set up to support your self-care and ability to show up as your favourite self in all you do?

This piece of writing was first shared on Mary J’s LinkedIn profile on Friday 8th April 2022. 

Our Mission to Contribute to Creating Healthy Workplaces

We believe that not only should the workplace be a safe space to bring our whole selves, but that as employers we should invest in empowering our employees self-development to help them identify what they need and can do to take better care of their financial wellbeing, allowing them to show up fully resourced and able to do their best work.

Studies show that decreased financial wellbeing negatively impacts mental wellbeing. If your employees are struggling with mental wellbeing, you’re losing engagement, productivity and creativity.

Whilst this may take the form of Leadership Development and other Emotional Intelligence and Communications training, we also believe that equipping your employees with Financial Literacy and the skills to manage their money better is essential to supporting them in becoming financially resilient, well and as a result, benefitting from increased mental wellbeing.

We’ve created an Employee Financial Wellness Programme. Included are the emotional intelligence, self-mastery and leadership concepts and practices as well as the financial literacy knowledge and practical skills application that will support your employees, and your business, to thrive.

We’re excited to roll it out to more forward-thinking businesses who believe that taking care of their employees financial well-being through empowering financial education is part of their change-making mission. When your employees thrive, your business thrives too as a result.

Are you working in one of those businesses? Are you one of those employers? We want to partner with you!

If you’re even slightly curious, please book time with us to explore.

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