A Life Moment : Muddy Moments

My youngest came to me in tears this morning, “Mommy, the dog ripped Tigger off my bed and dragged him through the mud! He is all muddy and messed up.”

On further examination we sighed a collective sigh of relief when we found that precious Tigger did not sustain any injuries, and was just really dirty.

As I was washing him, contemplating the intricacies of “working from home” and how this was “interrupting” my “work time”, I realised again that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

There is such preciousness to these micro-moments in our days which over time weave the tapestry of rich and meaningful relationships: with ourselves, our families, our friends, our clients.
Sometimes life deals us really muddy moments.
In those moments we have a choice as to how we respond:
  • do we choose to take a few deep breaths,
  • take a step back from the drama of the moment to look at the problem more calmly and carefully, and then
  • decide on an appropriate plan of action?
  • Or are we stretched so thinly that we escalate the calamity and add to our own misery and that of everyone around us?

    I want to be able to meet these “muddy moments” with compassion and equanimity. And encourage those around me to do the same.
    And if all else fails, like Tigger, be able to recognize when it is time to just have a bath, and sit in the sun afterwards!
    What muddy moments did you experience recently, what did you learn from them, and what helped you navigate them?

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