A Life Moment : How is your heart?

How is your heart?

I would love to know how you are right now, in this moment. If you were to stop for a minute, put your hand on your chest and close your eyes, what would you feel? What would your heart tell you about how you are right now? What wisdom would it share about the state of your Being?

The quality of our LIFE

The first time I read about the idea of asking someone how their heart is, I experienced an “ahah” moment of clarity. I decided that from then on I would ask others “How is your heart?” rather than “How are you?”

I have found that the “How are you?” question tends to send most of us into a mumble grumble about the state of our Doing – how busy we are with the endless lists of tasks and activities we need to get done.

When I changed my question to “How is your heart?”, something magical happened. I noticed that others paused for a moment to take a breath as they considered how they were feeling. They became present in the moment as a result. The responses that followed were far more meaningful and helped me connect much more deeply with the human in front of me than ever before.

How is my heart?

We can ask ourselves this question too. We can give ourselves the gift of connecting to how we are by asking ourselves “How is my heart?” Through this simple question we are able to reveal the quality of our LIFE. Because we measure the quality of our LIFE through our emotions (even those of us who are more reliant on our thinking!).

Asking “How am I?” reveals to us the state of the quantity of our LIFE – the things we haven’t done, the things we are doing and the things we still want to do. Asking “How is my heart?” allows us to reveal the quality of our LIFE and get a sense of where we might need to start paying attention in order to bring about more balance, should this be revealed.

When I asked myself this question recently, I discovered that while I feel purposeful in my work, I have been neglecting some of my basic human needs, including the need to spend time with myself exploring my thoughts and feelings. As a result, I have used the tools available to me – like a task management app – to prioritize activities that enable me to fulfill the need of connecting with myself and exploring my inner world. As important as writing this, so is the 10mins a day I wish to spend journaling, or the daily 30mins afternoon walk that helps me process my day and create separation between work and family life.

The quality of my Being

Most notably, when I prioritize spending time with myself, connecting with myself and my heart, I show up as a more generous, gentle and compassionate person. I’m better for others around me because I have filled my own cup first, allowing me to have the resources (energy, love, patience, wisdom, compassion) to flow over and out towards those I love.

This is why it took me six weeks to send our last MJ2F newsletter. Because in focusing on bringing more balance to my LIFE, I’ve embraced the fact that my lists of tasks and activities will never end, that I will never be done. And that is ok. I do not need to be done before I can focus on myself and the quality of my human experience.

I am going to end here by inviting you to consider “How is my heart?” Take a moment to pause and explore the state of your Being. 

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