A Life Moment : Being Human at Work

Today was a day!

I found myself in the ER twice with a child who wasn’t well. Sleep deprived and stressed about my back-to-back day of meetings, I was grateful to have someone to navigate it with. A definite benefit of bringing my whole self to work and having a co-worker like Marguerite who welcomes such and is also committed to showing up as her whole self too.

We kept in contact throughout the day via WhatsApp. One of the meetings I almost took in the parking lot of a hospital, however as a result of talking it through together and with the other party we rescheduled. We also had a general strategy session planned for just the two of us.

As the day progressed and we got closer to our scheduled time Marguerite sent me a “capacity check-in” message which included “Do you still have capacity for our strat meeting at 14:30? If you need time to recalibrate, let me know.”

How it started.

Such a simple and powerful message. Written between the lines “I care about you as a human and it’s ok if you need us to change plans.”

How often do you experience such concern, compassion and care in your workplace?

The Power of Connection

My response was to share that by then I was at my desk, had fed myself and was recalibrating by putting on some new and mood lifting music that I had recently discovered. In the moment I felt inspired to share the composer and a link to a piece of his on YouTube.

The most beautiful experience followed. We discovered that we both love the same composer for the same reason. His music is “mesmerizingly beautiful” as described by Marguerite. I couldn’t agree more. We chatted about how Marguerite has his compositions on sheet music for the piano and enjoys playing them. I could share in return that I am able to read music and play the piano too (even though it’s been a while since I have and I no longer have access to a piano).

Sharing our Humanity

What started as a simple “how are you, are you ok to continue with what we had planned” message turned in to a way to connect and get to know each other a little more than before.

We got to see deeper into each other and who we are as human beings and enjoy the feeling of connection that flows from that.

The In between

Living and working in a digital world is an opportunity and a challenge like never before. We get to save time and resources, be more efficient, enjoy the comfort of our own spaces and potentially spend more time with our family or engaging in our hobbies and interests. 

And yet we can so easily forget that it’s the “in between” moments in the workplace that support us in facilitating connection with our colleagues; connection that makes us feel like a team and part of something more than our individual contributions. The challenge in a digital world is that you lose out on those opportunities to connect with others in passing, alongside and in between what’s officially scheduled.

How it ended.
Consciously Curating the “in between” Moments

Although we have no physical office space for us to work from as we both love that we can live on opposite sides of our city and be on the same mission to change the world, I have every intention of ensuring that we don’t lose out on the “in between” moments. Moments where I consciously choose to be vulnerable and show up as a human being with all my quirks and messy imperfections.

In offering my humanity in these moments, a space is opened up for me to see more of the human being working alongside me as I invite them to step into the in between with me exactly as they are, in all their perfect imperfection.

The in between is available to us all, we simply need to be curious and on alert for when the offer of these moments show up. With a commitment to consciously choosing to step into these moments with all of who we are we will all benefit from more connected, cohesive and inclusive teams and workplaces.

If you’re curious, take a listen to the mesmerizing beauty of the composer / musician that we connected about today in the video below. Press play, turn the music up, close your eyes and enjoy a moment in between.

Our Mission to Contribute to Creating Healthy  Workplaces

We believe that not only should the workplace be a safe space to bring our whole selves, but that as employers we should invest in empowering our employees self-development to help them identify what they need and can do to take better care of their financial wellbeing, allowing them to show up fully resourced and able to do their best work.

Studies show that decreased financial wellbeing negatively impacts mental wellbeing. If your employees are struggling with mental wellbeing, you’re losing engagement, productivity and creativity.

Whilst this may take the form of Leadership Development and other Emotional Intelligence and Communications training, we also believe that equipping your employees with Financial Literacy and the skills to manage their money better is essential to supporting them in becoming financially resilient, well and as a result, benefitting from increased mental wellbeing.

We’ve created an Employee Financial Wellness Programme. Included are the emotional intelligence, self-mastery and leadership concepts and practices as well as the financial literacy knowledge and practical skills application that will support your employees, and your business, to thrive.

We’re excited to roll it out to more forward-thinking businesses who believe that taking care of their employees financial well-being through empowering financial education is part of their change-making mission. When your employees thrive, your business thrives too as a result.

Are you working in one of those businesses? Are you one of those employers? We want to partner with you!

If you’re even slightly curious, please book time with us to explore.

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