Everything we do is about freedom

We help change-makers, like you, shift from overwhelmed to confident, on purpose and in control of your money and your life.

What MJ2F does for you

We will help you to think about and plan your money and your life.

Our passion is to work with those we call change-makers, the ones who are up to something inspiring, with a vision to contribute something of value that will change the world in some way.

Shift from feeling overwhelmed by your response-ability, fears and uncertainty to feeling confident that you have a plan, are in control and know what steps to take to create the future that you want for yourself, those you love and to fulfil your purpose.

We’ll help you by using our independent and creatively disruptive thinking that challenges the status quo. We believe you can create  financial freedom by following our head, hands and heart-based approach.

We offer a neutral, fee-only and solutions-agnostic service to individuals, couples and families. We also offer programmes for businesses who believe that taking care of their employees financial well-being through empowering financial education is part of their change-making mission .

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Life is not about money. It's about the choices you have, enabled by money as a result of the choices you make in life that impact your money.

Our Services


Helping you design a Lifestyle Financial Strategy to empower you to create the free, fulfilled and purposeful life you want to live.


Coaching you to  a mindful money mindset, shifting any limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings or habits in relation to money and your Life.


Empowering you with Financial Solutions & Product Advice that will support you to implement your Lifestyle Financial Strategy.


Ongoing Relationship to action your Lifestyle Financial Strategy and implement Financial Solutions, including regular check-in’s and coaching.

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About Us

What We Believe

Your ability to create wealth and stay wealthy is not dependent on how much you earn, it’s dependent on your habits and choices.

We exist for those who want to change the world in some way and be financially free. Our approach is values and purpose driven with a focus on you as a whole-person, integrating the way you think, how you feel and what you do. We’ll help you answer questions like :
Do you believe you’re a change-maker destined to contribute meaningfully to the world and be financially free?
We have a vision to contribute to a better world. We believe in :
We believe it is our purpose as Lifestyle Financial Planners & Coaches, to empower and support change-makers, like you, in a way that assists you to define your purpose and way to contribute to the world and then create a financial strategy to support your Life’s journey so you can live purposefully and be financially free.

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Money is an energy flow.

Mastering your money is about getting intentional about how money flows into and out of your Life.